Cairns Disability Expo 2018 – Information for attendees

The Cairns disability expo is happening on the 23rd of March, 2018 starting at 8:30 at the Cairns Colonial Club.

Traditionally this event has happened later in the year but it has been decided that with the NDIS rolling out in the Cairns region the event would happen earlier to give people with disability, families & carers time to prepare.

The event is hosted by the Cairns Disability Network and is put together by a group of volunteers, sponsored by local organisations wanting to see this happen for the Cairns community.

As of January, there are 25 exhibitors already registered covering everything from plan management, lifestyle, work, study, virtual reality and assistive technology.  We will update this posting with a list of exhibitors closer to the date!

It is an open event for the community – free to attend, free to exhibit and no set times or activities (attend at any point during the opening hours that suits your schedule).

Accessibility and description of venue: The venue is wheelchair accessible.  The venue room is large in size and has 2 primary exits.  One exit can be used for sensory breaks and backs into a verandah and garden setting.  The layout will be linear (tables around the outside, and rows in the centre of the room). There will be no music or performance and we have found that the least busy time is in the last hour of the event.

You can keep track of us by following us on @CairnsDisability on Facebook, or signing up for the newsletter on this website.

To download the flyer: Cairns_Disability_Expo_Flyer_Web

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