App Engines and iPad Funding

iPad Funding

Australian Disability and Indigenous Peoples’ Education Fund. 2 rounds (end of March and September each year) each year to apply for an iPad – open for all Australians with a disability. Visit Website 

Variety Qld
Variety helps children with special needs communicate better with specialised communications devices like iPads, laptops, Braille notetakers and specialised software. Apply at Variety

Keeley’s Cause
Provides ipads for children with autism or an intellectual disability. Follow on facebook to see when their next round is open to apply.   Visit Website 

One Stop Reader app is well worth a mention.
It can help you save time, work more productively, and live more independently.

The app is an essential tool for anyone with low vision, visual impairments, difficulty reading, reading disabilities such as dyslexia, as well as blind individuals.

It reads anything from menus, bills, documents, signs, mail, PDFs and JPEG files and more for immediate and easy access!

One Stop Reader converts printed text into high quality speech to provide accurate, fast, and efficient access to both single and multiple page documents with the tap of a button on your mobile device. Picture accuracy is facilitated by a Field of View Report, Automatic Page Detection, and Tilt Guidance.

Our app allows users to capture pictures of virtually any type of printed text, including mail, receipts, class handouts, memos, and many other documents that you may encounter.

This will revolutionize access to print materials for the mobile professional and busy student by providing advanced state of the art mobile reading technology in a single hand-held device.

• Fast, accurate, and efficient mobile text recognition that delivers near instantaneous results.
• Reading modes for books, articles and labels, bills, and memos.
• Synchronized text highlighting with high quality speech and Braille output.
• Field of view report to assist with aligning the camera relative to the document.
• Tilt guidance feature to assist with capturing the perfect picture of a document.
• Automatic text detection to enable hands-free operation.
• Ability to import, OCR, and read image-based pdf and jpg files
• Export txt and html formatted text files to cloud storage services including Dropbox and Google Drive.
• Dropbox synchronization and backup functionality.
• Batch scan mode to process and read multiple pages.
• Recognize and read text in multiple languages.
• Tap and read function.

Available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. Price is $159.99 NDIS should cover it under consumables.


Source Kids are putting out some very useful articles on apps. Be sure to like their facebook page and visit their website

Apps to help children manage their anxiety.
Help your child learn life skills.
Apps to help your child with planning, structure and routine.
Educational apps to help with literacy development. 

APP Engines

Softonic – The world’s largest software and app discovery destination.. 
You can search either Windows, Android, Mac and iPhone

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The Learning App Guide
– Fantastic App Guide for choosing educational apps for students with
autism, language disorders, reading disorders, hearing impairment and other diverse learning needs.


3076 apps for people with special needs! 
BridgingApps includes a website, app reviews by therapists, special education teachers
and other professionals, a custom app search engine and more.

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Commonsense Media – “BEST OF” LISTS.
Get age-appropriate ideas and inspiration for every interest. Recommendations for Families.