Autism Awareness Media

A few great short videos explaining Autism.  Great for friends, carers, grandparents and educators to show their peers in the classroom.
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Nick has Autism. A kid-friendly animation that focuses on a boy with autism named Nick. It teaches children that students with autism may think differently or need some accommodations, but all students are of equal worth and should be treated as such. (3 minutes)
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Marvelous Max is an animated video for Primary School kids. The aim of the video is to create more awareness of autism spectrum disorder.  (3 minutes)
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Understanding Autism by Autism Queensland.
A short film to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families understand and recognise the early signs of Autism.  (7.45 minutes)   View clip on YouTube 

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Just Like You – Autism launches an exciting campaign that calls our communities, our kids and the world to learn, understand and accept those living with autism. (20 minutes)
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‘Living with Autism: Ky’s Story’.


The short film created by Griffith Film School and LiveLab students features renowned Australian actor Hugo Weaving and his 16-year-old nephew, Ky Greenwood, who has autism spectrum disorder. (4 minutes)
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Amazing Things Happen.
A video clip to engage children and help them to see things from another’s perspective. Something that could equally be used at school, as part of homework, within families or as a tool for children who want to share their diagnosis with their peers. (5.30 minutes)

To view this clip as well as others for Downs Syndrome and dyslexic Visit Website

Cairns Local Author(s) Georgia Stuart and Malakai Joinbee
In My World

“Mum, I hope this helps kids with different brains like me to tell their friends and brothers and sisters why we do things other people don’t.”

Malakai (7) – who has ASD, ADHD and SPD – rejects most forms of literature, language, and planned literary learning experiences, so WE WROTE A BOOK about something he wanted to explain to others (his sensory experiences and behaviours). He loved the experience so much he started reading!! (Which has always been a massive struggle for us too).

This literary adventure was stimulated after his amazing classroom teacher and wonderful inclusive education team at his school facilitated an educational session about ASD in the classroom. Malakai’s classmates had questions about ASD and SPD, and wanted to know more so they could understand and support Malakai at school (bless their little hearts ). They wrote down questions the students had, which were presented to Malakai one on one by the head of inclusive head department. He was given the opportunity to supply his own answers in his own words that were then relayed back to his class, which was a super positive experience for all.

This sparked my interest and thought perhaps we could use these questions and curiosities as a foundation and create an informative book that was appealing to children and, again, in Malakai’s words. Thus writing, editing, illustrating, and self-publishing ”In My World”.

This book has now been put in the school library and is currently being used in his little brother’s Year 1 classroom to support learning the zones of regulation and wellbeing.

Malakai also uses it to support his explanations of situations and behaviours to others, he often carries a copy with him. He now see’s himself in literature and is slowly engaging in speaking, reading, and writing.

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