NDIS Facebook Groups

NDIS Cairns
If you are looking for more specialised NDIS group, or planning to move away from Cairns - here is a few options on other groups.  Of course this does not list every one out there, I would be sitting here all week.  These seem to be the most popular though.


NDIS Community
Private group · 15K members
NDIS CAIRNS Providers and Participants Network
Private group · 1k members
NDIS Grassroots Discussion
Private group · 54K members
Autism NDIS Support
Private group · 8.5K members
NDIS Self Manager Hub
Private group · 12K members
Services We Love in NDIS
Public group · 3.6K members
NDIS Service Providers Discussion
Private group · 13K members
NDIS low risk AT ideas for kids
Private group · 7.3K members
NDIS self providers of SDA
Private group · 677 members
Private group · 3.5K members
NDIS: Queensland, Planning For Change Forum
Private group · 2.8K members
NDIS matters
Private group · 4.1K members
NDIS start-an-enterprise
Private group · 314 members
NDIS Moreton Bay Region
Private group · 1.4K members
NDIS Independent Options planner
Private group · 800 members
NDIS Service Providers Network - QLD
Private group · 356 members
Parents & Carers Connect and NDIS Support
Private group · 1.4K members
For Parent Carers. The Pros and Cons of the NDIS
Private group · 489 members
Early Intervention Network (for representatives of NDIS child participants)
Private group · 329 members
Public group · 4.7K members
NDIS North / Central Queensland Townsville Cairns Mackay Isaac
Private group · 92 members
NDIS Support Coordinators (CoS) & Plan Managers Unite
Private group · 4.4K members
NDIS Brisbane Ipswich Toowoomba Qld Queensland
Private group · 249 members
NDIS Discussion Townsville
Private group · 1.1K members
NDIS Participants / Sole Traders & Independent Providers (Directory)
Public group · 3.3K members
NDIS WA Western Australia
Private group · 1.2K members
NDIS Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Region Qld Queensland
Private group · 257 members
NDIS Gold Coast and Logan Qld Queensland
Private group · 401 members
NDIS Queensland Providers and Families
Private group · 536 members
NDIS Self-Managed Funding Forum
Private group · 1.8K members
Private group · 1.4K members
NDIS Support Coordinators
Private group · 2.5K members
NDIS Assistive Technology (AT) and Equipment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Public group · 677 members
Private group · 593 members
NDIS Entrepreneurs
Private group · 603 members
Networking with NDIS providers
Private group · 1.8K members
NDIS Autism Spectrum
Private group · 276 members
NDIS Support Workers and Participants Connecting
Public group · 2.6K members
Sunshine Coast NDIS Parent & Carers Support Group
Private group · 1.3K members
NDIS Discussion & Support Sunshine Coast
Private group · 2.9K members
NDIS / AAT decisions and useful information
Private group · 426 members
NDIS South East Queensland Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast
Private group · 970 members
Carers in Crisis - NDIS
Private group · 1.1K members
NDIS Plan & Self Management Community
Private group · 4.6K members
NDIS Discussion Group for Logan and Gold Coast
Private group · 3.3K members
NDIS Wide Bay Bundaberg Gympie Hervey Bay Maryborough Queensland
Private group · 362 members
NDIS Clients looking for Service Providers South East QLD
Private group · 1.8K members
NDIS Connecting Families With Independent Support Workers Brisbane Areas
Private group · 6.9K members
NDIS Australia / Participants -Sole Traders-Providers Forum
Private group · 207 members
Melbourne NDIS Providers & Participants Network
Private group · 4.1K members
NDIS Sunshine Coast, Somerset & Moreton Bay - Participant Provider Alliance
Private group · 1.8K members
Assistance Dogs and the NDIS
Private group · 4.2K members
NDIS Brisbane, Ipswich & Redlands - Participant Provider Alliance
Private group · 3.2K members
NDIS Supports and Assistance for Gold Coast, Logan and South Brisbane
Private group · 866 members
NDIS Adelaide South Australia
Private group · 364 members
NDIS NT Northern Territory
Private group · 292 members
NDIS Rockhampton
Public group · 271 members
NDIS Melbourne Region
Private group · 1.7K members
Mental health and NDIS
Private group · 1.9K members
NDIS In the New England
Public group · 446 members
NDIS Queensland
Public group · 3.6K members
NDIS Support Coordination and PM Macarthur
Private group · 466 members
Public group · 400 members
Public group · 1.8K members
NDIS Occupational therapy & Assistive technology Community
Private group · 154 members
NDIS Gold Coast, Logan & Scenic Rim - Participant Provider Alliance
Private group · 2.7K members
NDIS & Foster Care
Private group · 344 members
NDIS Provider Bill Board 24/7 AD'S
Public group · 767 members
Report supports and therapists NDIS
Private group · 573 members
NDIS Illawarra, Wollongong, Shellharbour NSW
Private group · 52 members
NDIS Northern NSW Discussion Group
Private group · 1.4K members
NDIS Assistive Technology and Modifications
Public group · 176 members
Low risk AT for Teens to Adults
Private group · 550 members
NDIS SA South Australia
Private group · 944 members
Private group · 1.1K members
NDIS Provider Forum
Public group · 1K members
Public group · 1K members
NDIS OT Providers
Private group · 5.7K members
NDIS in WA Peer Support
Private group · 4K members
NDIS for HSD, EDS and Dysautonomia
Private group · 1.6K members
NDIS Connecting families With Independent Support Workers Gold Coast
Private group · 1.9K members
NDIS WA Support Group - PERTH
Public group · 2.6K members
Support Coordinators Brisbane
Private group · 261 members
NDIS Service Providers Brisbane
Public group · 664 members
NDIS Employment Jobs & RTO Training
Private group · 530 members
Sydney NDIS provider network group
Private group · 398 members
NDIS Support Workers Moreton Bay Region
Private group · 1.5K members
Private group · 1K members
NDIS Private Support Network-Bundaberg
Private group · 460 members
NDIS Moreton Bay Region
Private group 1.5K members