Gadgets – Self Care and Technology

There’s a few gadgets around that just makes life a little bit easier…

Munchkin Faucet Extender.
Extend faucet extender, a must-have for little ones or the ones that need a little help when washing their hands or brushing their teeth. The flexible attachment is designed to work with practically any faucet, bringing the water flow closer than ever before.

Learning Towers
For independence and a safe way to help you in the kitchen. Good to find one with adjustable steps.


Three-Sided Toothbrush  
Simple back & forth brushing makes oral care quicker, easier & more efficient for carers and those with dexterity issues making it the perfect tool for ‘Special Needs” and orthodontic patients, children and the elderly.  Google U Shape or 360 toothbrush for lots of options. 

Scream-Free™ Detangling Brush
So many to choose from, ideal Sensory Brush for long, curly, fine or thick hair.



Water Tooth Flosser
Counter top or cordless.


Tap Turner  – Converts cross handles to levers. Pack includes two tap turners, 1 x red for hot tap, and 1 x blue for cold tap. Sold at Bunnings.

Automatic Sensor Soap Dispenser
– a must have for these covid times.




Automatic 360° Electric Toothbrush

Lots of designs out there, branded and unbranded. Ebay from $20. Comes in Kids and Adults sizes..

™ – Turning hair washing night back into bath time fun. By giving your child control to stop water and shampoo getting into their eyes, you have both hands free, making hair washing quicker and easier for everyone. 5 fun colours available.

LED Shower Head with Temperature Display

The Original Award-winning Dawn Clock
The calendar and reminder clock enabling self care and a meaningful life.
NDIS Approved Provider Australia-wide

Sonic Bomb® Dual Alarm with Super Shaker™

The original vibrating alarm clock- Since 1980 the Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Alarm clock has been the strongest 12 volt bed alarm shaker on the market for heavy sleepers and deaf individuals. Also has built in red flashing lights.
Comes in a range of colours and themes.
To see how it works go to to Youtube clip.
Make sure you buy from an Australia store for the right plug and voltage.

Learn to Type Stickers

Keyboards with Large Keys

Research has proven that people who are physically disabled could also benefit from the Clevy keyboard with its larger keys. Using the optional Clevy Keyguard, people with physical disabilities that affect motor skills can easily press one key at a time.  Few different styles to choose from at Spectronics


The Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II
These has been the number 1 favourite to use with people that have autism. Other noise cancelling headphones recommendations are Sony WH1000MX-3, Puro Quiet or JBL 600 TBL




Lenovo Smart Clock.

With help from your Google Assistant, waking up and getting ready for bed have never been easier. Ask it questions and tell it to do things – it responds to your voice or touch. Just start with “Hey Google” to set an alarm, enjoy music, check the weather, news, control your smart home, and more – all hands-free.

Google Assistant App – here to set up all your devices.

Wif-Fi LED Changing Bulbs

RGB Colour Changing + Warm White to Daylight Dimmable. Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Smart Wi-Fi Bulb, RGB Colour Changing.
Sold every where.