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Poly pellets are best inside weighted items. Make sure the weight is evenly distributed throughout the blanket regardless of what size you choose. Occupational Therapists recommend 10% of a person’s body weight for blankets. Below is just some of Australian places which make them however, they are not hard to sew one yourself!! Make one out of your child’s favorite doona cover to more personalise.
Rob Appell of Man Sewing shows just how easy it is to make. Check out Rob’s YouTube tutorial

lux-weighted-blanket.jpgLuxury Weighted Blankets

Our reputation for luxurious textures, celebrations of colour, and a flair for furry lights & textures sets us apart from the rest.Happy_Senses.png

Discover our sensory products range and gorgeous sensory gifts available online at www.happysenses.com.au


Calming Kids Australia
Weighted Vests, Blankets and Other Therapy Products for those with Special Needs. www.calmingkids.com.au


Specialising in Premium quality weighted blankets designed to be approximately 10% of your body weight. 

After discovering the positive effects thatneptune1.jpg weighted blankets can have on a person, we set out to help anyone we can with this natural way to rapidly alleviate you from negative symptoms. Anyone can use weighted blankets.
Coolah the Koala, Ernie the Emu and Perry the Platypus are also Neptune’s new weighted toys




blanket.jpg Get your Calming Blanket today and rediscover good night’s sleep! Our weighted blanket was designed to help with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Order yours today and say goodbye to sleepless nights, cranky mornings, and fatigue-filled afternoons!

Tumfort Toys:  Plush Assisted Therapy. We’re designed to provide comfort and calm. Be cuddled and collected. And help kids and their adults feel better connected.


Calming Moments 
We help you have calm, happy bedtimes and a peaceful night’s sleep with our weighted blankets.

We custom-make our gorgeous weighted blankets especially for you. Choose from our wide range of coloured fabrics in cool cotton or sensory minky.  www.calmingmoments.com.au



Therapy Blanket

After countless hours of researching, designing, prototyping and testing – we finally developed a premium weighted blanket that we could truly be proud of. The result – Therapy was founded and thousands of Aussies are now sleeping easier thanks to the Therapy Blanket.


Big W sells the brand ‘Jason Super Soft Weighted Blankets’ in 3, 4, 7 and 9kg range for $50-80

Spotlight sells the Koo brand Elite Weighted Blanket and the Cooling Weighted Blanket.


La Burp has a great range of Weighted Products including blankets, cushions, lap blankets, toys and vests. All of the products have been made in conjunction with qualified Occupational Therapists and filled with hypo-allergenic poly pellets to weight the products. www.laburp.com


Also check out kogan.com.au and catch.com.au on weighted blanket specials

Nana’s Weighted Toys 
Huge range of sensory and tactile weighted plush toys.
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The Sensory Studio

Lots of gorgeous animals to choose from, also have weighted lap pads featuring sequins
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One Stop Sensory Shop

Weighted blankets, toys and Cushions

If you have your own favourite plush toy that you would like to be weighted, they can have it weighted for you also!

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