Sexuality, Continence and Sleep

Sleep clinics in Cairns:  please ask your Child Health Nurse, GP or paediatrician for a referral and further information.  Melatonin are also widely used to assist with sleep onset in children with Autism/ADHD.  Please discuss with your GP or Pediatrician to see if appropriate for your loved one.

Sleep Right Sleep Tight

As a qualified Sleep Specialist I have the knowledge and experience to help solve all of your sleep struggles. Gentle sleep solutions from pregnancy to 5 years. Customised programs with complete support throughout.
Cairns based, however Australia wide programs available. Facebook page
Contact Vanessa Anderson, Ph: 0426934415

A great set of male/female puberty books by Autism Agony Aunt, Kate E Reynolds


What’s Happening to Ellie?

A Book About Puberty for Girls and Young Women with Autism and Related Conditions


What’s Happening to Tom?

A Book About Puberty for Boys and Young Men with Autism and Related Conditions



Things Ellie Likes – A book about sexuality and masturbation for girls and young women with autism and related conditions.

Ellie Needs to Go – A book about how to use public toilets safely for girls and young women with autism and related conditions.

Things Tom Likes – A book about sexuality and masturbation for boys and young men with autism and related conditions.

Tom Needs to Go – A book about how to use public toilets safely for boys and


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Conni and Conni Kids provides high quality environmentally sustainable products to assist with the management of incontinence.
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Modibodi Women


From periods & discharge, light bladder leakage and weak pelvic floors​ ​to perspiration and pong, and pesky breastmilk leaks, we’ve got your back!

It’s time to ditch your tampons, liners, and pads and join the Modibodi Movement with our sustainable, luxuriously comfy​ ​underwear & water repellent swimwear. 

Modibodi Teens

Voted the #1 Period Underwear & Incontinence Underwear Brand, we are here to give all bodies more confidence and comfort, as well as a more sustainable solution to disposable hygiene.

Modibodi MenHigh tech fabrics wick away liquid, keeping you dry and odour-free. At the end of the day, you just rinse and throw them in the wash. Wear. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

Leaks – Modibodi® delivers superior protection in a comfy, discreet and sustainable undie for men.

Sweat & Chafing – Sweat. It happens. Whether you’re on the job, working out or just chilling out, stay comfy with Modibodi’s sweat & chafe-proof undies for men. Superior tech to keep you feeling dry and cool.


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Eenee Swimmers Australia


swimmers.jpg 100% Australian designed & made waterproof Eenee Swimmers. Designed for containing incontinence while swimming, they look and feel like regular swimmers and are suitable for both men and women, boys and girls.
They also sell waterproof underwear.  NDIS registered.
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Supplying the world with reusable incontinence products. Discreet & Comfortable. Washable & Reusable. Proudly Australian Made.  Visit Website

Baby, Junior, Mumma and Adult products Little Aussie Monster ® stocks a large range of well-priced Modern Cloth Nappies, Swim Nappies, Training Pants, Mumma Cloth and Adult Incontinence products.
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Protect A Bed BugLock Fully Encased Mattress Protector

  • Smooth Polyester sleep surface best for severe asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Features a BugLock® Zipper system with unique Secure Seal®
  • Protects your mattress from bugs, dust mites and allergens
  • Machine washable and tumble dry
  • 6 size option

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Caretex® Easywipe PU Hospital Grade Mattress Encasement Zipped

Unique four way stretch fabric remains flat to eliminate micro wrinkles and threat of pressure sores

Simply wipe clean to remove liquids

All sizes are available in White and Single, King Single and Double sizes are also available in Navy Blue,
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Body Socks

Lycra / Compression Sheets
Calming Sensory Bed Sheets at


Prices on Lycra Sheets and Body Socks can vary a lot, I suggest you google and see what deal you can find.


The fidgetbum is made from comfy, cosy, stretchy cotton fabric. It runs under the mattress and then over the top of the covers, where the ends are joined together by a chunky, child friendly zip.

It keeps the covers on the child, and the child snuggly in the bed.


Perfect Access, Keep Covered, Gain Independence.
Our sheets that zip have been used by people with a variety of disabilities, and the feedback has been very positive. The zips either side make it really easy for our customers to swing onto the bed, and to tuck themselves in by zipping up. Visit Website

This foam bed surround is a great addition to any bedroom.
It provides support but is also not restrictive. It is great for children not to harm themselves with bumping. It takes a standard single mattress.

Can purchase at either store. Funability or Valley View Products


“Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand

– Oprah Winfrey

Toliet LED Night Light
Google, as prices can vary from $3 – $40

Wiping can be such an issue for those with sensory bums.

Installing a bidet or having a portable bidet can help. 
They come in toilet tank mounted or wall mounted.