A few ideas on safety items/products. Safety is paramount with kids with a disability, especially with autism, and teaching them road rules may have to happen on a monthly basis.  You may have a ‘runner’. and oh boy I had two of them with autism, and since they are probably in their own little world, they take no notice of safety in carparks or crossing the street, they just have horse blinkers on and move forward and if anything like my son, they expect everyone to stop and wait for him.  Sorry it doesn’t work that way in real life buddy!

Scroll down and also see Daniel Morcombe Foundation to Help Keeping Kids Safe – Special Education Resources, Smart Watches and Alarms and Vehicle Safety.

In an emergency, quick access to accurate medical and personal information can make all the difference.

That’s why Mobility For Life’s Medic Alert Pendant features a unique QR code that allows you to quickly and easily provide crucial information to those who need it. This QR code contains all essential details such as your name, date of birth, address,
phone number, next of kin or guardian details, medical history, and current medications, all of which are up-to-date and can be changed as your circumstances change.
To prevent any confusion, the QR code also includes a photo of you, ensuring that the information is accurate and specific to you.
Available in gold, silver, and black, this laser engraved pendant is a stylish way to keep your essential information close at hand.

Available locally in Cairns.    
Shop 4, 361/363 Sheridan Street, Cairns, QLD 4870, Phone: 07 4019 7744 
For more information and pricing, please contact Big Mikes Mobility For Life.  
Townsville  Cairns


FREE Online Safety Training teaches people with disability to use online resources safely . The Online Safety Training is available for participants of  all ages, abilities, backgrounds and needs. This accessible and tailored training guides students through everything they need to know, including how to navigate online scams, cyberbullying and online relationships.

Interaction Disability Services is a not-for-profit, NDIS-registered organisation committed to supporting and empowering people living with intellectual disability.

Do you ever worry that your child could become lost when out in public? Do you want peace of mind that you would be reunited if they ran off or became separated from you?

Then check out Found Me Apparel- the simple, stylish and discrete way for your child to always have emergency contact numbers through our unique QR code format. With a great range of popular designs or a ‘Design Your Own’ option, there is sure to be something to suit every child’s interests!

“An added layer of assistance always provides peace of mind!”

Cheeky Echidna.png

Cheeky Echinda
Selling ID and awareness products.
– Single use purpose designed identification wristbands
– Floating charm Awareness lockets
– Stickers for car/home Special Needs and Autism
Based in Melbourne, ship worldwide.


is a fun and colorful kids temporary safety tattoo customized with a mobile phone number. When applied to the arm of your child or loved one, SafetyTat provides an immediate, highly visible form of identification that stays in place even when wet!
From the USA and ships internationally.


Big Red Safety Toolkit
has created two digital safety toolkits that can be downloaded free, a Caregiver Toolkit and First Responder Toolkit. Although these are created in a format for Americans, the concept is great, so be aware that emergency numbers will need to be changed to Australian.
Download for free 

Mediband® ‘medical ID alert’ bracelets can help save lives.

A range of wristbands have been designed to help people with medical conditions ensure that vital information about their health is readily accessible in emergencies – information that could help to save their life. 

Emergency ID Australia

World Leaders in Medical alert ID Jewellery & Emergency ID products




Police Child ID (app) By AFP National Missing Persons Coordination Centre.

The Australian Police Child ID App was designed and built by AFP based on software provided under license by the FBI to help parents and guardians more easily collect and send important information about their child/children in the event of a disappearance or abduction. Available on the App store and Googleplay.


Find My Friends
(APP) allows you to easily locate friends and family.
Just install the app and invite friends to share locations by choosing from your contacts or entering their email addresses. Also lets you set up location-based alerts that can notify you automatically when a friend arrives at the airport, a child leaves school, or a family member arrives home safely. You can also set up alerts to notify friends about changes in your location.
Available on the App store and Google Play.


If I Need Help
Patches, Shoe Tags, iD Cards, Window Clings, Bumper Stickers, Dog Tags, Pins, Clips & More!! Put patches, pins, clips onto your clothes, backpack, or device! Put your new Shoe tag on your favorite shoe with tieless laces. Wear your Dog Tag. Have your ID card in your wallet. Find out more about these exciting products in our shopping section.

walking rein.jpg

Medifab Walking Rein
. A walking rein suitable for children, adolescents and adults with behavioral needs. It features a webbing harness that secures around the torso of the individual, with a rein strap that can then be held by a parent/carer/adult. Designed to be used in conjunction with education and behavioural interventions. Two models available.


is a wrist to wrist connection for you and your child which leaves your hands free–while keeping your child physically connected to you.

Moose Noose Toddler Safety Harness > Cut-Proof

Keep your little adventurer safe and secure, right by your side with the New Zealand designed MooseNoose Toddler Safety Harness. This new ‘cut-proof’ version has the added security of a steel inner core running through the thick plastic coil.


Carer Gateway – Emergency Care Plan
An emergency care plan has all the information about the person you care for in one place, so you can get it quickly and easily. An emergency care plan makes it easy for someone to take over from you in a hurry. A carer emergency card is a card you can carry in your wallet to let people know that you care for someone.


Daniel Morcombe Foundation – Special Education

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation has produced the Keeping Kids Safe resource to support students Recognise, React and Report when they feel unsafe. Developing an understanding of respectful relationships is also a key learning area within the resource.

Keeping Kids Safe is age and developmentally appropriate and contains short video vignettes to promote classroom discussion and completion of in class activity sheets.     (below is a screenshot of some of their lessons) Visit Website

Daniel Morcombe.jpg

Daniel Morcombe Foundation ‘Help Me’ App.
A great way to not only help keep kids safe, but assist people of all ages, from 7 to 97, covering all kinds of personal emergency situations!



Download at the App Store or Google Play  


The Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) enables people with disabilities to gain 24/7 access to a network of public facilities across Australia. People with a disability are able to purchase an MLAK master key which will open all toilets, playgrounds and other facilities which are fitted with this specially designed lock.

In Cairns, the MLAK system is fitted to the Change-Ability change rooms at Woree and Smithfield pools, Lagoon accessible toilet, Behana Gorge access gate and the Liberty Swing at Muddy’s Playground on the Esplanade. On-site signage at the facilities provides contact numbers to call for immediate access without an MLAK key.

If you are a local member of the community with disability, a visitor with disability or an organisation or carer of a person with disability you can fill in the application form below or visit Council’s Customer Service desk in person to request a key.

Please note that, if you visit customer service, you will need to bring with you one of the following proof of disability documents:

  • Mobility parking permit
  • Disability card
  • Letter from your doctor
  • Letter from a disability organisation.


Smart Watches and Tracking Devices

The watches listed below are Australian. Like any device, when buying check that it will work on your network and if there are any extra data and hidden fees first.

Designed in Australia, SPACETALK is an all-in-one phone, watch and GPS that’s always with your child. Stay conveniently connected to your kids by voice and SMS and relax knowing that they can only make and receive calls to the contacts you decide.

Safety and security of young children is paramount. SPACETALK has an integrated SOS function that can be customised to call a sequence of contacts and local authorities in an emergency.
JB HiFi is a popular store to buy them.


tictocktrack.png Keep in touch throughout the day. Whether it’s a call to let them know you are running late or just a check to see they arrived at their friend’s house, TicTocTrack® can give you peace of mind.
TicTocTrack are proud to be a registered NDIS Provider.

Locate – Alerts – Voice


NutLogo_129x.pngSmall and powerful, NutTAG™ SEEK GPS and Smart Watch are a user-friendly and simple solution for real-time positioning so you can keep track of your loved ones via our Self managed Online Portal and Mobile Apps. 

The new Smart Watch GPS is designed to be part of your child’s everyday life and durable enough to survive their many activities!

Popular features for tracking your children include; Emergency SOS, call the device and listen-in or speak two-way (callLP-Watch-Hero2_large.png and talk like a mobile phone). Geo-fence Alerts, to be alerted when your tracker leaves the safe zone. Up to 7 days rechargeable battery life.* 
Just ask Siri, Alexa or Google home/assistant to help you or receive instant audio alerts.

Great for your keys, handbag etc. Cheap, small, compact and light – handy to attach to kids clothing or shoes. Has its limits (of 100 feet) but good for at malls, playgrounds, outdoor venues etc.

Kisa Phone

Keeping It Simple for Anyone

Only calls to pre-programmed numbers

  • Each phone is made to order
  • Light and durable
  • Charger, cradle & lanyard are included
  • Melbourne-based quality support
  • No contract, easy to understand, plans


The WatchMinder is a simple smart wristwatch that can easily be programmed to set up discreet vibrating reminders throughout one’s day.

Invented by a child psychologist, the WatchMinder was designed to aid children and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) and others with special needs in staying focused, managing their time, and modifying their thoughts and behaviors.


The smart watches listed above are ones recommended by members in facebook groups for their special needs loved one. There are some great lists out on the net for the top ones and comparison to others.

Here is an Australian list by Kidspot for 2021




Vehicle and Car Seat Safety

Houdini Harness most secure vehicle harness –371_Model.jpg will keep any Houdini’s from escaping from their vehicle seat! Few different models to choose from. Harness must be used in conjunction with car seat-belt to comply with Australian standards.


hurphydurphy.jpgHurphy Durphy Seat Belt Buckle Guard

Suited to both front release and top opening seat belt buckles.

Once fitted, it can be removed easily by adults but is virtually impossible for children to unfasten, due to the use of heavy duty Velcro. This also removes the risk of accidental release. Found in most baby stores.

Seatbelt Buckle Cover.gif

Seatbelt Buckle Cover
A seatbelt buckle cover is used to prevent undoing a seat belt- meets the requirements of Australian standards and fits onto seatbelt buckles of most cars.

BMU-cartridge-unbuckled.jpg buckle.png
Know the INSTANT a passenger unbuckles during your journey. BuckleMeUp® is a revolutionary device that quite simply helps save lives.

It’s an app enabled seatbelt reminder and alert for passenger cars that pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and it’s as easy to install as an e-tag.  Just stick it on the seatbelt buckle. 


The Backseat Carma – change your car trips from chaos to calm. The Back Seat Carma is a partition to stop kids fighting and arguing in the back seat of your car. Drive safely and eliminate stressful car journeys!