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A sensory room is an environment designed to develop people’s sense. It can be used as a therapy for people with limited communication skills. With Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) people may have trouble processing one or more senses. Creating a sensory room to balance between relaxation and activity within the framework of a safe, adapted environment designed to stimulate senses such as feel, vision, sound, smell and taste, usually through special lighting, music, and objects. Products shown here are just some examples on what you can use in a sensory room. if you have a spare room in your house, be creative and have fun with it.

Mood Lighting:  Galaxy Projector Star Night Lamp Projector – Ocean Wave Projector – LED Colour Change light bulb – LED Net Lights for Wall or Ceiling

This foam bed surround is a great addition to any bedroom.
It provides support but is also not restrictive .
It is great for children not to harm themselves with bumping.

Compression Swing – Lycra, Polyester mix, Spandexswing.jpg

Inflatable LED Cube Chair or Light Up LED Colour Changing Cube Stool

The Dark Den.jpg
This one is called a Dark Den.
Other pop-up varieties available also.

Bubble Column 1.2m.jpg
Bubble Column
Usually they are LED 7 Colour  1.3m and comes with remote. Around $115 on eBay. Smokemart Gifts are selling the 90cm ones for $69


Touch Control LED Night Light USB Chargeable, Plasma (or a disco) Ball, lava Lamp, Rope Lights from Bunnings, LED strip lights.  Kmart sells them, great to put around bedroom door or headboard as a night light …

Sensory bins – the ideas are endless for loads of fun
Visit Website

Loads of ideas on Pinterest on how to make different sensory bags, or go to google images and type in sensory bags.

sensory table.jpg
For sensory play and art activities
see Pocket of Preschool.

Super comfortable bean bags in all shapes and sizes at Noomi

Interlock Foam Mats

Or large carpet squares from Bunnings

Calming Canoe or Peapod

Fairy lights.png

Fairy lights at Bunnings


Swivel floor chair – this one is at Sensory Overload.

IKEA puts out the smaller egg swivel chairs https://www.ikea.com

Kloudsac – so many designs to choose from, like sitting on a huge marshmallow!

Jumbo Water Snakes

Most discount stores sell them
Jumbo Water Snakes.jpg

Body socks, This one is from Happy Hubble

Gigantic Pillow beds. aliexpress.com usually has these and products, or rather the characters change all the time.

Luminous Pillow LED Star Cushion, type that in ebay and there are lots!

Pillow Pets.
Boy they have a range out! Small to Jumboz size..scented and some have night lights built in also.  Visit Website

You can put poly pellets in the plain ones and turn them into weighted lap pillows. 

Weighted Animals
Bunnings has a great range of “weighted” door stops, $12 as an alternative to the expensive ones

Crash Mat
This one is Clark Rubber
They also have loads of mats and flooring ideas


Panda Drums. Relaxing magical calming sounds

Vibrating Cushions and Bluetooth Headbands
at Benny’s Tech Bar


LED Light Spinning Wand. 

Usually found at kmart or discount stores.



Children’s Big Top Spinning Wheel.
This one is at Modern Teaching Aids


Busy Board.jpg
Make a Busy Board

Unlimited on what you can create, DIY.
Search on Pinterest for ideas

Nest Swing, or the round net swing is at Bunnings

A HowdaHUG chair provides extra vestibular movement forHowdahug chair.jpg children that require a rocking motion when seated on the floor. It curves around the back which allows the seat to hug the body. Especially great in kindy/preschool years.


Wobble Stools
Bloom, Jari, Ergo Furniture, Happy Stool, Hokki Stool are just some brands. Some are height adjustable.


Sight And Sound Tubes
Google Primary Science Sensory Tubes
Lakeshore Giant Sight And Sound Tubes.jpg

Hopper Balls
Space Hopper Ball.jpg

Bubble Machine
Get one that is mains powered. 
Much better than the Battery operated ones. eBay – $30-40

Vibrating Massage Tools.
Other vibrating plush toys, cushions and balls also make fun. These ones are Health Touch Huggable Massager brand. They also do neck and foot massagers. – on Amazon.

Gym Mats
Ikea, Hart Sports, Kmart – prices vary alot, so shop around. 

Peanut Gym Ball

Peanut Gym Ball.jpg


Have a Sensory Hamper.
Discount shops has lots of sensory fidget toys to make a hamper.



Ball Pit. 100 Pack of Play Plastic Balls, Kmart around $8.00

Scooter Board
Google ‘DIY scooter board’
very easy to make your own with padding on top. Kmart sells small plastic ones, or Bunnings sells the bigger mover dollys which do the same thing.

Scooter Board.jpg


Glow in The Dark Sensory Box
Glow sticks are great for bath or shower time also!

Mocka Teepee. Loads of styles to choose from.  Kmart also sells a couple



Google home/mini/nest
Google home or mini is good to play calming music.
(or have someone to chat to)


Lycra Cloud or Morph Suits
100’s to choose from!


Crayola Ultimate Light Board
or they sell bigger ones at Office Works

Bed (or floor) tent
Who doesn’t like a cubby or to hide out!

Room Wall and Floor Padding

Wall and floor padding.jpg

Fidget toys!

The Sensory Steamroller

Will help reduce your child’s anxiety, calm him or her and increase on-task behaviour.  Visit Website



Junior Jumper Mini Trampoline

Mini Trampoline.jpg

LED Light Dancing Water Speakers

Light box

DIY Light Box.jpg

Kmart Sports Section kmart.jpg

Kmart has loads of great stuff in the sports section that is a fraction of the price if you buy under ‘disability’. eg: fitness mat, therapy roller, gym ball, vibrating massager, double wheel exerciser, resistance bands, balanceboard, balance cushion, weighted vest etc.

They also have a large range of fidget toys now also.


Pod Swing Chair / Indoor Outdoor Hanging Seat Hammock

eBay $35-60.  Swinging develops the sense of balance and body perception. It also brings a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Ikea Hanging Chair.jpg

LED Egg Lights

Tap it to turn on/off – $8 at Bunnings

Smellems Bubbles

Smellems Bubbles.jpg

Fibre Optic Lamp
Fibre Optic Lamp.jpg

Weighted Lap Blanket

weighted blanket.jpg

My Cotton Cubby
These are great if you have limited space in your home. Just throw one over your dining table.

My Cotton Cubby.jpg

Foam sticks
Around 70 cents each on eBay if you are buying in bulk deals.
Also great for Halloween, New Years or any party.

Make a Face Stress Ball
Google or Search youtube on how to make them

Make a Face Stress Ball.jpg

Luxury Weighted Blankets at Happy Senses


Clock with White Noise
Kmart sells these

Twiddles (Fidget cushions) Therapy aid


Huggy Roll at Noomi

Pokano Dark Den -Large
Tikk Tokk Pokano Dark Den.jpg

IKEA KURA Reversible Bed & Tent

IKEA KURA reversible bed and tent.jpg

Rainbow Bed Canopy

rainbow bed canopy.jpg

Make a Lego Feature Wall

Lego room.jpg

DIY Magnetic Board
Use an oil drip pan or there are these Magnetic boards from IKEA


Beds with built in LED strips with remote
On ebay starting at $180

Heavenly Hammocks & Swings (NDIS registered)
You’ll have a hard time making up your mind here, they have so many products to choose from.



Privacy Pop
The Privacy Pop is a unique bed tent designed to provide a snug fit around the bed for maximum privacy and seclusion from any unwanted distractions.


Noahs Bed
This bed is made in the USA, but it gives you an idea on what you can make yourself.

Noahs Bed.jpg

Safe & Sounds Mini

Lots of designs to choose from, however these ones are in the UK, but it can give you lots of ideas and maybe get one made locally.


Safe Surround Plus Bed

Safety and certainty for both the user and the carer, the Safe Surround Plus bed provides a safe environment for active people with challenging behaviour.
Safe Surround.png

Another bed from USA, looks super comfy
and simple enough to DIY.


Alvantor Bed Canopy at Amazon

Bed canopy.jpg