Visual Communication Aids & Resources

Also known as Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Some ideas on visual communication, schedules, devices, speech therapy worksheets etc

PODD stands for:
Pragmatic – the ways that we use language socially
Organisation – words and symbols arranged in a systematic way
Dynamic Display – changing pages.

Software. Templates for 14 different PODD communication books from simple early functions to complex syntax. These templates can be viewed and customised using Boardmaker version 5 or later (not included).
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Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

They do training, consultation and support to parents, caregivers and professionals in the field of autism and developmental disabilities.
Check out all their great products on their website

This is the best!
FREE Visual Engine – a tool for creating visual support.
The visuals engine will help you build visual supports and sequences for your child. Very simple to use, and can save your ‘board’s to your device as a PDF.
You can make:
Choice Boards, Circle Time Boards, Labels, Rules, Schedules, Mini Schedules, First/Then Board, I Want Board. Personal Stories, Social stories etc
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ASD visual aids and communication aids for children, including ASD communication packs, communication fans, visual timetables, now and next boards, daily schedules and mood bands.
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Able 2 Learn

A free autism special education e-learning platform with free workbooks, aba materials, flashcards, visual recipes, social stories, data sheets for everyone.
They do you a premade shopping platform – After creating an account with you can start downloading material right away for free.
Upon checkout, your credit card will not be charged. All resources are FREE

Clever Klogs
Fantastic visual resources here – can be purchased under NDIS consumables.
“We create customised visual resources for educators and parents, to assist people with Autism and additional needs.”

The Trip Clip.  Fantastic editable VISUAL charts .. and you can also edit them online with 1000 different images!  It does cost $4.95 (US) to get started .. or there are some free ones.
Chores, Social stories, routines, packing lists, school list, school timetable, grocery lists, it’s endless … They also have a page dedicated to Special Needs

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A SchKIDule is a magnetic or Velcro® visual schedule that uses pictures to communicate a sequence of events or behavioral expectation to a child or person with special needs.
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Boardmaker Software – create Visual-PCS Cards, onscreen activities by adding voice, sound, animation and video.  
Website Spectronics Australia
Boardmaker Online is a subscription service level on top of a massive sharing community.  Find Activities and Boards at My Boardmaker Online –  Need help or want to share files see

ShowMe Images
Great design, these images capture contemporary Australian people and settings.   They’re especially helpful when communicating with children with special needs, including kids who have autism or intellectual disability.
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Picto-Selector is a windows application for creating visual schedules. It is used by many teachers and parents.  The download contains over 28000 pictos (images) and it’s all Free to use.
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For high quality pecs cards, always 100% FREE!
My PECS is your free resource to an extensive library of professional and high-quality PECS cards and symbols. 
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GoTalk Communication Device Series
GoTalks are battery powered augmentative / alternative communication (AAC) devices used by
people who cannot communicate well by speaking. An overlay of pictures (or words or symbols) is created. The overlay is slid into the GoTalk, and then the user can “talk” simply by pressing on a picture to play a message. This allows users – maybe for the first time – to communicate quickly and easily just by pressing a button.
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Health and Medical Visuals – Easy read and communication support for healthcare and medical professionals.
LOADS of free medical visuals such as A&E and Hospital, Blood pressure, Eyes, Healthy living, Noses, Operations, Skin, Teeth, Tests etc as well as paid products
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Creative learning.pngCreativeLearning4kidz
Well worth bookmarking, guarantee you will be going back to this website! Providing parents, therapists, and teachers with low cost, fun & effective educational materials for children. Especially those with Autism, Aspergers, PDD-POS, Speech Delay, and or other developmental delays. Products are all digital downloads. You will need to download and print the materials. 

Heidi Hanks has put together this blog to share somemommyspeechtherapy.png
of the tips and techniques that have worked for me over the years in teaching kids to improve their speech and more effectively communicate. 

Free speech therapy worksheets so you can easily download and print them out to use as part of your
speech therapy program.

Speech-And-Language-Kids-Logo.pngSpeech and Language Kids

Games, flashcards and worksheets, all free speech therapy material to download.

Low priced, and free, quality, speechlanguage resources and information about language and literacy difficulties.

An example of a nice visual chore chart. Tutorial on how to make one here


Pre planning NIDS
These are great pre-planning visual cards that can be used for NDIS, OT, support worker, Speechie, anyone in your support network..

There are a set of 12 cards, with an accompanying booklet.
Download PDFs

Discover the Exciting Way Your Therapy Sessions Can instantly become more fun for your child & easier to manage for you using colorful & heavy-duty speechpages!

Even though they say they only ship within US, if you see their FAQ they will ship to other countries, you just need to contact them first.
These are great quality.
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A communication tool for all ages, abilities, and locations.
Low-tec, low-cost, durable AAC solution, which increased communication access for children with autism, non verbal and developmental disabilities.

It’s Portable, versatile, lightweight, splash proof, quick to modify, can use pictures or photographs, use to talking boards, routines – anything! Very easy to customise and no laminating required.
Great for visual supports for people with disability and aged care
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Augmentative Resources – Huge catalogue full of amazing products and all designed by a Speech Language Pathologist. Visit Website

little black duck.png

Little Black Duck Autism Communication Services
Supporting people with autism through social programs, social skill development, program and app  development, education, training and the development of a wide range of visual supports that both help the person with autism and educate the community about autism from the autistic perspective. 

little black duck visuals.png

Queensland Government has put out these wonderful Communicationchatboards.jpg tools for play
– FREE to download. (A3 size)

Apart from spoken word, there are many different ways to communicate, such as sounds, gestures, miming, pictures and hand signs. It is no different when children play. Your child can use these methods to direct play and interact with others.

The following tools may help increase communication for children in outdoor play spaces.

(Some sample communication boards shown on the right)

These are fantastic for all ability playgrounds, any childcare, kindy and school settings.

For a full list and files to download on choice-making tools, chat boards, active, pretend and sensory play go to:  Download the Communication Boards