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growing space.pngSam Paior, The Growing Space is a must to follow.


Her website and  facebook page is full of tips and strategies all on NIDS, online workshops and a members only area for extras like:  
search, read and download a huge range of catalogued and sorted, easy to read, down to earth information that’s regularly updated about the NDIS and a range of disability issues.

  • concrete examples of how to use your NDIS Plan and less of the weird lingo.
  • download .pdf printable resources and awesome checklists for you to build your own library of information about the NDIS.
  • get first “dibs” on events and workshops before they sell (out) to the public

Most NDIS Participants or Nominees with a Self or Plan Managed plan will be able to claim this subscription cost from Core or Capacity Building budgets. You will be emailed a receipt you can use after payment. Subscription for one year is $99 and is set as an recurring annual subscription service, so you will need to log in and cancel if you do not wish to stay on in a year.

There is also a section for Disability Professionals, Organisations and Businesses

There is an online subscription service with access to a huge load of resources written in everyday English, without the jargon, to help people make the most of their NDIS plans. 
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What does The Growing Space do?




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