About Us


How it got started

A need in Cairns was identified for a network to form to share ideas and services with the aim to advance the cause of people with disability and promote access & inclusion to education, work and life.

Lynne Zappala from TAFE worked with the National Disability Coordination Officer Program to create the network by putting on a breakfast at the Salt House in 2008.

The network has seen many faces come & go, and is now aptly named the Cairns Disability Network to reflect the broad work it does.  The forum fosters a focus on sharing contacts, ideas, resources and linkages for all ages. There are representatives from job providers, employment networks, apprenticeship centres, Education Queensland, JCU, TAFE, Disability Services QLD, advocacy groups, Disability support groups, parents, providers and many more.

CDN manages an annual free disability expo as well as contributing to readiness for the NDIS by sharing information and getting information to stakeholders.

Our ongoing aim

To work together to ensure people with disability in the Cairns region have access to and are included in further education, work, and life.

Next Steps…

You are welcome to participate in any number of ways:

  • Join the mailing list to stay in the loop
  • Come to breakfast and share what you are up to and meet / learn about others
  • Breakfast has an agenda which focuses on organising and launching annual transitions event
  • Assist with volunteering at the Expo in any capacity you are able

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