Sensory, Fidget, Educational and Therapy Resources

I love online shopping in the comfort of my own home, and believe me I have put in loads of hours on researching different ‘out of the box’ items for my boys rather than your everyday toys which they had no interest in. Here are a few favourite shops I thought I’d share. Please note I don’t get paid any commission, advertising etc. Australian websites (in no particular order)

Junior Learning is a trusted brand by parents, children and teachers alike! Shop by curriculum subjects, by year level or brands.

Starfish store is a business that offers quality educational advice backed by a master’s degree in special education. NDIS Registered Provider

We cater educational products for children with autism, special needs, anxiety or just any child that would like to have fun.
NDIS Registered Provider



To source and supply the best products to support educators in homes, childcare centres, preschools, early learning centres, playgroups, special schools, primary schools, toy libraries, hospitals, and the general public

Sensamart is committed to providing high quality products that aim to fulfill the needs of special needs children that impact on and individual’s ability to feel safe, calm and secure.

Specialising in high quality toys for Education and Therapy both in the home and for schools and daycare centres, Specialty Toys Australia aims to deliver the best value for money as well as satisfaction.



Special Needs Resources is dedicated to providing a range of high-quality items designed to assist people of all ages to reach their potential. NDIS Registered Provider

A wide spectrum of Art & Craft Equipment, Mathematics Resources, Literacy Materials, Furniture & Storage Solutions as well as Books, Readers, Science Equipment, Puzzles & Construction sets.

Kidzinc is dedicated to the development of young minds, and assisting you to develop your kids to their fullest potential, through books, toys, games, puzzles and interactive play!


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My Diffability Australia is an online supplier of therapy equipment, toys and resources for people with different abilities.  NDIS Registered Provider

Products for those on the Autism Spectrum and other Sensory Processing disorders. Huge range of books, musical equipment, technology &much more.
NDIS Registered Provider

Sensory Tools is an ideal resource for therapists, educators and parents! Supporting children with autism, ADHD, learning and behavioral differences, featuring the teaching and music of Genevieve Jereb.
NDIS Registered Provider




Suppling quality educational resources for child care centres, schools, teachers and the general public.

Sensory & educational tools for sensory sensitivities, sensory seeking, therapy resources and more. Owned and operated by a Home-Ed, Autism family.

Australia’s largest supplier of educational resources.




Strong, handmade, metal fidget toys that will last a lifetime! Made from recycled and new materials.

Hop,stop and shop to find a great range of resources to inspire teachers and students.

An abundance of products on books and sensory items available for everything autism.



Designer chew jewellery, sensory resources and educational tools.

A range of silicone jewellery that is non toxic, soft and fashionable. Jewellery pieces kids can really sink their teeth into.

Stylish, FUNctional jewellery, designed to look amazing, while discreetly serving your child’s need to chew.

Specialising in: Sensory Development Products, Educational Products, Therapeutic Resources, Wooden Toys, Weighted Plush Toys and Fine/Gross Motor Aids.

Kaiko Fidgets is co-founded by Kai, who is both autistic & dyslexic. As well as fidgets, they also have a great range of Squishy, Stretchy, Fluffy & Light up toys.

Sensory store selling sensory, therapy and skill-building products to assist, educate and engage children and young with special/additional needs, such as Autism, ADHD, SPD etc.



Online store (plus two shops in QLD) for families with sensory and other neuro-divergent needs, owned and run by Aussie Mums diagnosed as Autistic & ADHD, and raising children with the same wiring… all about spreading love, awareness & knowledge.

Providing tools to help children and adults with learning and communication difficulties, these resources help those interact and communicate with others. NDIS Registered Provider

Spectronics is Australia’s largest supplier of special needs software and assistive technologies.
NDIS Registered Provider




Happy Hubble Australia is a homegrown therapy store and supplier of sensory tools and fidget toys for autistic children to help develop their life skills and live better with autism. For children with Autism, ADHD, or Sensory Processing Disorder.

SenseAbilities has been the proud provider of equipment and resources designed to assist with the developmental needs of children and adults for over 15 years

One stop shop for all things sensory! Everything from Fidget toys, chews, small and large equipment and weighted products and so much more!
NDIS Registered Provider



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Pencil Grips Plus we specialise in a range of pencil grips plus other innovative products that you can use within the home, classroom, or office.

In business for over 35 years, supplying classroom essentials, flexible furniture, teacher essentials, sensory resources, storage and much more. NDIS Registered Provider

Providing parents, teachers, and specialists a wide selection of special needs resources and equipment from most respected manufacturers we have trialed and tested. NDIS Registered Provider

Thistle & Bee is ALL about quality educational toys, learning resources and sensory supports to engage and educate people of all ages and abilities. NDIS Registered Provider

Our convenient Sensory Street gift boxes take the headache out of choosing your own sensory tools.
You can choose boxes containing a variety of carefully selected sensory tools.

Dzign Solutions has embarked on a journey to introduce the most effective, safe and useful Sensory products and reach out to as many people as possible who can benefit from our products.





Online retail store selling quality play and social skill products for young people. Receive product support from experienced OT! NDIS Registered Provider

Sensory Products for Special Kids with Special Needs. Proudly Australian owned & operated, Sensory Oasis for Kids is a Melbourne-based online & retail store run by a mum of three amazing Autistic boys
NDIS Registered Provider

We are a team of speech pathologists, educators, psychologists, and occupational therapists who are able to assist you in choosing the appropriate resources to suit any child’s individual needs.
NDIS Registered Provider



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Our range of toys cater to children with many childhood conditions on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) including Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and ADHD. NDIS Registered Provider

Our extensive range includes all the latest products from local and international brands, as well as a number of tried-and-true favourites that are designed to engage and educate our children, inspiring them to fulfil their unique potential.

Sensory Calm provides Weighted blankets and vests as well as Sensory ​ Therapy Products to assist Sleep and Behaviour. NDIS Registered Provider





Therapy resources offers an extensive and innovative range of educational and therapeutic toys and learning products for children aged 0-18 years. NDIS Registered Provider

Special Needs Australia, supply special needs resources and equipment. Supporting children and families across Australia living with disabilities.

This is a USA store, Super Duper® makes games, card decks, workbooks, and more with an emphasis on materials for children with special needs and language delays.
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